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Classic Porsche service and repair

Our extensive diagnostic equipment and years of experience mean that we can accommodate all Porsche models - including the current model range. In addition to this our rates are competitive too!

Contact us for a no obligation quote for your requirements or below is a complete range of services that we offer:

The engine shop

All engines are assembled to meet customers’ precise needs and budgets. Engines can be dyno-tested, if required, and thus delivered with an accurate printout of horsepower and torque characteristics.

We specialise in the development and testing of components, as well as the development of engines for specific competition circumstances, ie circuit racing (sprint or endurance); speed events and hillclimbing – both requiring high torque figures; and not least rallying. We offer a full after-sales back-up to support our products and services.

A comprehensive mapping service is available, and we can design and develop bespoke engine management systems, again suited for the precise requirements of any motorsport discipline, or simply fast and enjoyable road use.

Knowing that a good engine is only one half of a winning power unit, we have great experience in transmissions, too. We can repair and overhaul all classic and modern Porsche gearboxes and final drives, with specialist conversions and installations for those who need them.

Many different gear ratios, whether intermediate or overall, are available, and we can supply and fit and also overhaul limited-slip differentials, again with precise levels of slip to suit our customers’ often diverse requirements. We also offer pressurised transmission lubrication systems for maximum component longevity.


Enhancing car control should be the primary objective of any suspension improvement programme. Suspension should be modified as a complete system of fully integrated components, not just a collection of bolt-on items.

To ensure that the package performs correctly, everything should work in harmony. Spring rates should match damper valving, for example – we can also offer damper data analysis – and anti-roll bar sizes should be consistent with spring rates and, of course, the vehicle’s weight. Dampers matched to vehicle specification and usage.

To ensure all this BS Motorsport can design a suspension and geometry package to suit you and your car’s needs, whether it be for everyday road driving, trackday use, or full-on competition.

Chassis preparation, repairs and modifications

Strengthening and stiffening are a speciality, together with tube frame and roll-cage work. Specialist bodywork and paintwork undertaken. Body-panel modifications and mould work can be undertaken for lightweight panel production for competition cars.

Specialist component development and manufacture

This enables us to commission and produce a significant number of otherwise hard-to-find or even unobtainable components and we are adding new lines to our inventory every month. Please contact us with your requirements – or even your ideas, and we will be happy to offer advice on likely costs and feasibility.

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