Making sure it's the real deal

Since the cars have become valuable "investment assets" in addition to fun to drive old Porsches - the level of sophistication of "fakery" has increased! To this end - Neil is frequently called upon to inspect RS & RSR models for clients all over the world. Frequently a car is cheap or off-grid in the market for a reason - make sure you know you are buying the real thing before you hand over the money....!

We use sophisticated tools such as our Vinchecker to forensically examine the metallurgy of cars. When you bear in mind you can buy "number stamping tools" off well-known auction sites to provide a lesser model with the identity of something special and valuable....

To give you a brief insight - of the 20 or so Porsche racing and special RS roadcars we inspect for clients annually - over 50% have "issues" which often have a significant impact on their values...

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