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Porsche 2.7RS Engine Build Disaster By Porsche Enthusiast

08 Aug 2011

Porsche 2.7RS Engine Build Disaster By Porsche Enthusiast

Why You Should NOT Buy a Engine Rebuilt by a Non Porsche Specialist
Brief From Customer :- Tim Says can you take a look at my engine if I send it down ?
Engine arrives from Inverness on a pallet. And the copy of the letter supplied by the engine builder. [ The Porsche Enthusiast  ]
After several hours of dismantling the fresh but oily motor we discover several things that relate to the origins of just what went wrong! Two broken valve springs, one spring has destroyed the valve stem seal this has deposited parts into the engine causing severe damage to the piston skirts, and also entered the oil pump and removed teeth from the Intergear.
The build instructions say that the donor engine was a engine that had been on fire but all that had been used was the crank and rods but my suspicion, given the condition of the valve springs is that these were also used along with other components to keep the build costs down.
The result is that the £4000 fresh engine that only did 3000 miles is destroyed now requiring a full and proper documented rebuild. The down side is it needs almost all the internal parts replacing.
If a job is worth doing, do it correctly and it will be a job well done.

Photos will be posted shortly.


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